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Spanulo Cement & Waterproofing, LLC

Waterproof Your Basement for Good

Turn your damp and wet basement into clean, dry livable space by waterproofing your home’s foundation.

Exterior Excavation

If you were to build a new house, you would use this method and not a temporary interior fix. This is the reason why exterior excavation – solving the problem from the outside – is the superior, long-term solution to water in your basement. At Spanulo C&W, we are experts in waterproofing, and we do it the right way.
In summary, we excavate the soil around your home’s foundation and replace it with new drain tile and backfill with gravel. Soil absorbs rain water like a sponge and causes it to seep through your walls and into your house. The gravel allows rain water to properly drain into the drain tiles and away from your foundation.
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